Jodie’s Permablitz

Sparkles, Harry, May-Ring, George and Tony

Shot and produced by George

Freo Permies Growing Local on YouTube (3 mins)
(Dropbox link for 720p versions. 1080p? Just ask)

Other Local Sustainability and Permaculture Videos

Permaculture Design meets Bear Grylls

Aidan recently graduated with his Permaculture certificate presenting his first ever adventure packed Permaculture Design on video.. Come along to the Permablitz on Sat 15th June 2013 –

Great Gardens Videos

Chris Ferreira’s Great Gardens TV Episodes explain so much. Don’t go past these for great advice on everything about sustainable gardening and water use here in the West.  Look out for new ones at

Josh’s House

The famous Josh Byrne (ABC presenter and local sustainability nut) has a new project building his home(s) and garden. They’re documenting it all on video as they go.

Geoff Lawton’s PDC Intro

Geoff Lawton, a founder of the permaculture movement, is now conducting PDC courses online.  The freebie videos he provides as an intro are well worth it, especially for the whizo graphics showing how a small acreage can be transformed.