About Us


May-Ring Sarah


Who is the Fremantle Permaculture group?

Fremantle Permaculture is an open community permaculture group, based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Anyone living south of the river or nearby who would like to get together to learn and become involved in all things permaculture are welcome to attend our monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of the month. You don’t have to be a trained permaculturist to join!

What are we up to?

Fremantle Permaculture is involved with many projects around the Fremantle area, including running permaculture courses, a community seed bank, organic edible plant nursery and many community gardens. Our mission is to educate and ‘permie-ate’ the local community with functional and aesthetic examples of sustainability and permaculture design in order to empower people to implement their own.

How to get involved?

Freo Permies group meets at 6:30pm on the last Wednesday evening of the month at different members’ houses in order to spur each other along with our own permaculture and garden projects. It doesn’t cost anything to come along, just bring a smile and a few nibbles to share and you’ll be well on your way to maximising the yields of all your projects!

• Why not join in at one of our Permablitzes (think Permaculture meets ‘Backyard Blitz’)  where you can expand and share  your garden skills and knowledge with a diverse range of folk, no contribution is too small or too big! You only need to attend three blitzes to qualify for your own! Sign up to our mailing list for notifications of upcoming blitzes!

• Seed saving is another great way to get involved in what we are up to, you can sign up via our contact page and become a member of our local seed bank, it doesn’t cost you anything but a commitment to seed-saving and helping the communal bank to grow is encouraged. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries.

For more information contact us by email on freopermies@gmail.com