October Meeting Minutes


– Wednesday, October 2017 –

George’s House

PRESENT: George Annemeike Peter/Jan

Matt Dan Jo

May Ring Ruth Ed

Fiona Bill Erin

Jackie Sarah/Brendan

Apologies:            Jodie


  • Market stall

October stall made $186

Next stall 10 December

    • Fiona to ask if we can sell salve and homegrown tea that Erin has made
    • Bumper in – Dan, MayRing, Matt and Annemeike
    • Bumper out – Ruth, George and Erin
    • We need seedlings for the stall!!!!!!!!!
  • Permablitz

Draft outline for 2018

April – Amanda

May – Ruth

June – Fiona

July – tbc

August – Erin

September – MayRing

October – Sarah

Matt’s Blitz – all projects completed except mosaic. Draft pre-blitz documentation were very good

George’s Blitz –


    • double worm bath to collect worm juice – Matt
    • Shade structure – Bill and Fiona
    • Mulch – Erin
    • Food – Ruth

To do – leaders lunch and pre-blitz documentation

George would like to a ‘wicking bed’ workshop and Greg Nibbs from Edgefive Permaculture would like to do some weekend morning courses, so stay tune on facebook and emails for more info as they are organised.

May Ring is organising David Piggott to host an Ant and Termite workshop for 18 April 2015, so stay tuned for this one tooo.

  • Social events

Showcase gardens – 18 November starting at 9:30am. Fiona to explore Eventbrite tickets. George to send web details to Fiona. Ruth to send bank details to Fiona.

Garden roster – Annemeike with morning tea, Jodie with lunch, Matt then Fiona with arvo tea

Limit numbers to 20

Christmas party – 4:00pm 3 December at South Beach

Other ideas

Sloan picnic/tour – January

Drylands – May

Music Fest at Nannup – Easter. Maybe do a wicking bed workshop/display

  • International Permaculture Day

1st Sunday in May. Keeping it small and just doing our own stall at the markets

  • AGM

Aim for February 2018

  • Finances

Just over $1,000 in the account. Everyone agreed to sit on the cash for awhile

  • Next Meeting

The next monthly meeting is Wednesday, 29 November at 6.30pm is at Sarah’s and Brendan’s place.