September Meeting Minutes

Attending- Matt, Fiona, Jodie, Charles, MayRing, Annemieke, Jakki, Megan, Amanda. Apologies from Dave, George, Suzie & Dan.

Blitzes- Matt’s this saturday 7th october, Megan’s blitz scheduled for 28th october isn’t going ahead as blitz anymore but as social event for processing meat birds during the day and campfire and camping during the night. George’s blitz is up next after Matt’s, on the 25th november.

Market Stall- Going ahead at Growers Green on 8th October, just with Jodie’s crate of plants.

Showcase Garden Tour- back down to just one day rather than two after all, to be on the 18th November, & call out for help preparing the gardens so that the hosts don’t have too much work for them in the lead up to the day. Photos from showcase gardens need to be made embedded feed from facebook to website, hopefully George can look at sorting this out(Amanda & Fiona seem fairly knowledgeable about this but unable to do).

Next Meeting- To be at George’s in Mosman Park, on 25th October.