August Meeting Minutes

Attending- Matt, Ruth, Jodie, Erin, Jakki, Charles, and new member Philhomena. Apologies from Dave, May-Ring, Fiona, Amanda and Megan.

Blitzes- none on anymore for September, was going to be George’s but his has been rescheduled to november 25th now and Dave’s that was to be in august has been deferred to later in the year also and to be more of a social busy bee rather than blitz. Ruth’s was going to be on the 14th October but on hold for now. Megan’s tentative with a planning meeting needed ASAP if going ahead for planned date of 28th october. George’s in november to be somewhat weather dependent with a workload established to suit.

The worked out proocol of the person who’s blitz preceding and following their own supporting the host hasn’t been being followed properly and this needs tweaking again. Matt to get the blitz checklist docs and review/finalise/circulate.

Swap Shuffle Share- Was on the saturday following the meeting(the 2nd September) at Coolbellup library from 10am for produce drop and from 10.30 swap and collect with it all over by 11. General Catchup at Growers Green Markets on sundays.

Big Markets- Set for october 8th, everyone to propagate & bag seeds etc for sales, Ruth to donate some of her handmade dishcloth seconds to sell.

Social- Fishing and Camping weekend coming up next 23-25 september, possibly Cliffhead/Freshwater Point/Knobbyhead for location. Possible weekend trip to biodynamic farm of 200-300 acresin collaboration with KCS through connection they have, Erin to find out more and follow up.

Showcase Gardens- planned for 11th & 18th november. 2 gardens over each day, with possibility of addition of Annemieke’s garden to showcase tour for ‘fresh blood’ or possibility of rotating one person’s so that same people don’t have showcase workload every year.

Christmas Party- proposed for 3rd december, location tbc, although Fiona’s house was suggested for pizzas again, but she was absent so best if that’s discussed with her first.

Community Equipment- Matt researched sausage stuffers and thinks 5kg capacity is most appropiate size for our needs, and priced it up at around $250.

Financial- $969 in the group’s account, if general committee consensus in facebook group approves, Ruth to write cheque & get the sausage stuffer purchased, possibly sell sausages at next market to make the money back.

Next Meeting- Most likely to be at Matt’s again, on 27th September.