July Meeting Minutes

Attending– Dave, May-Ring, Matt, Fiona, Craig, Annemieke, Jodie, Jakki, Megan and new members Charles, Peggy and TJay.

Blitzes– recap of Jakki’s blitz, summary of Annemieke’s plans for her blitz, Dave gave us a rundown of his plans for 26th august(they were remove passionfruit & repaint fence, espalier & trellis on limestone wall). Dave to get checklist from Fiona and to book design day ASAP. George’s blitz coming up next after Dave’s, on the 24th September, then Ruth on 14th October, followed by Megan on 28th October.

Swap Shuffle Share- discussed possibility of takeover of current SSS running in coolbellup, or rival faction setup at hilton harvest-event was held on 5th august to go and inspect current coolbellup one.

Intercity Permies-prior to meeting at a sausage making day with a congregation with permies from all reaches of perth, group cross pollination-maybe further making days like this for inter permie meetups-correspondence with Fiona Blackham raised, Jodie to follow up.

Community Equipment-We discussed idea of starting our own equipment library like swan valley happenings has-suggested equipment for this was sausage stuffer(Matt to research that one) to add to the wine press so far.

Workshops- May-Ring went to freo men’s shed and fridays/sundays the shed is empty-MayRing suggests having woodworking classes, May-Ring and Dan to discuss and guage interest levels, find out details etc. Jakki suggested a possible grafting day(mostly just social though) but that discussion got sidetracked.

Showcase Gardens Tour-next one to be broken into over 2 days to reduce workload for hosts, and give more time to explore and showcase each garden, tea coffee and cake rather than morning tea provided, and byo lunch with no cap on attendee numbers. Dates agreed on were November 11th and 18th.

Fundraising-next market stall after Fiona gets back from Germany, 8th October so not on the big market date for growers market.

Next Meeting-To be held at George’s house in Mosman Park on the 30th of September.