Meeting Minutes 26 April 2017

Freo Permies meeting minutes 26 April 2017


Amanda, Jodie, Craig, Dave, Jackie, Annemieke, MayRing, Matt


  • Dan is holding his blitz this Saturday. Rearrangement of team leaders will be done to ensure no one is in an inappropriate position. Dave’s has a bad back and Connell will have his first opportunity as team leader. There will be an intro on the day with OHS after and house rules for kids.
  • Jackie is 27 May – stet up channels etc for chicken and grass eliminating. A walk around organised for Sunday 30 April, 10:30 to 11:30.
  • Dave to switch his blitz on 26 August  to 29 July with Annemieke’s now on 26 August.
  • Dave requested a planning checklist – there is one but hasn’t been used for a while. Dave will check the checklist out.
  • Reiteration on permies having blitzes to assist the person before and after their blitz. Organising a blitz if full on and can be daunting for first timers. A facebook page to be established to assist the organisation of the blitz.
  • George has put his hand up for a blitz on Saturday 23 September or Sunday 24th TBA.
  • Regarding attendances – in order to minimise no shows, building excitement in the blitz group to be created. Things like posting pictures and comments etc by team leaders and other attendees in the week preceding the blitz.


  • Meeting are now alternating between Thursdays and Saturdays monthly.


Freo permie’s stuff

  • Olive day – this was a success
  • Committee social dinner and movie – also a success. Next one at Fiona’s on Friday 30 June with Symphony of Soil.
  • Weekend away at South Hampton – no news so Jodie to follow up

Other permie group’s stuff

  • Hill’s group gone a bit stale
  • Nicki Walters (straw bale house) is happy to join up
  • ICCS (????) to host a social and pizza day with Freo permies


  • Maeve to run her first permie workshop on 21 May making newspaper pots and needs seed donations.
  • Seedlings ready, Matt to make ????
  • Jodie and Fiona to make a banner or 2. Event for 5 May and bring fabric and stuff.

Other business

  • Contact list of committee members (phone numbers) to be made and pinned to committee facebook page. Jodie to do.
  • MayRing requested help with removing a gate on her new block. Craig has offered to lift off the swing gate.

Next meeting

  • Wednesday 31 May at Annemieke’s place