March Meeting Minutes

The AGM did happen as replanned for March, so meeting minutes and AGM outcomes are below.

Attending- Ruth, new members Brendan and Sarah, Aidan, Jodie, Matt, Amanda, Dave, Jakki, Annamika, Fiona, Megan, June, May-Ring, Dan.

Blitzes- Dan’s blitz is up first this year, and will be on the 29th April, project leaders will be Craig, Matt, Jodie, Dave, Renay and Jakki.

Jakki’s blitz has been moved up to May due to Megan being away in May, and will be on the 27th.

Megan’s will be on 17th June.

Dave’s will be on 29th July.

June will possibly have a blitz in one of the remaining months of this year’s blitz season.

AGM- New committee is: co convenors Jodie & Matt with Ruth helping to chair meetings. Jakki is carrying on as secretary, with Ruth as co secretary. IT thermowhizz is still George. Treasurer is still Ruth. And extra committee members are Megan, Dan, Annamika, June, Renay, Amanda, Dave, Sarah, Aidan, and Eddie(nominated in his absence), with PermWest meetings attendees to represent us are Renay as head with Matt and Fiona.

Socials- Southampton revisit possibly beginning June around the long weekend, the 3rd-ish. Fiona & Jodie to organise with other committee members to assist as required.

Committee potluck dinner and movie night-dinner and watch Symphony of the Soil at Fiona’s on the 28th from 7pm.

Markets-loose social catchups and coffee sundays at south freo primary from 9ish.

Social meetups with other permie groups- just the seed of an idea discussed at this stage, we thought it would be nice to organise to meet with other permie groups around the perth area to socialise and widen our social circles with other likeminded permies.

Arrowroot dinner-as part of the Incredible Edible Perennials sub committee exploring the uses of the wishlist of weird and wonderful(as explained below), only for the IEP group and couple of extras growing arrowroot, 8th or 9th of april.

Special Interest Groups- Incredible Edible Perennials Dan, Fiona, Matt and Jodie are a subcommittee dedicated to the exploration of the wishlist of weird and wonderful perennials which has been narrowed down from extensive to what’s practical and available, through dinner parties to explore their uses.

Fundraising- Funds dwindling due to website fees and the like so it’s back to the markets fundraising idea, every second month being the consensus for our best attendance with the First market to be held by us in May, date to be confirmed.

Finances- $600 in the bank, and $150 in the float for use at markets etc.

Other Business- Dave’s incapicitated friend from major vehicle accident is out of hospital, and he’s made a very professional layout of the drawing design brainstormed at February’s non-meeting, which he’s hoping to get interest for people to help install in her garden.

Next Meeting- Next Meeting will be held on the 26th April at Annamika’s house(Jakki’s is too far for most so although her blitz is up next, a project leaders’ lunch will be held for her the weekend previous to blitz rather than a monthly meeting there) in Coolbellup.