November Meeting Minutes

Time to summarize the monthly meeting’s minutes from the group’s convergence last week.

Attending: Matt, Craig, Stephanie, Eddie, Tiuu, Jodie, May-Ring, Fiona, June & Elvis, Adi, Rob, Dan, Olga, Jakki-apologies from Sarah, George, Aidan & Renay.


Blitzes 2017- Dan, Dave, Jakki enlisted to hold blitzes in the new year.

Social- Recap of Merribee camping weekend, Jodie reported that Jeff went into the garden of the burnt out original homestead that he had not set foot in since the fire 3 years, for the first time as a result of our mini blitz there,  and he and his wife Michelle are now out in that lovely little garden every weekend enjoying it again! So great result. Jodie visited Margaret River biodynamic last week and we are welcome to stay there so tentative plan to do that sometime in 2017.  Christmas Beach Party to be held at South Beach on the afternoon/evening of the 11th December.

Showcase Gardens Tour- Dan recapped(very briefly), Started at Aidan’s, then onto Matt’s, Jodie’s for lunch, Dan’s finishing with a delicious woodfired pizza dinner & drinks windup at Fiona’s. Future garden tours may be held a couple of times a year as opposed to just once annually, with less gardens visited visited in the one day, and people bring food to share rather than the hosts catering, with a possible larger cover charge(some going to hosts, similar to the open gardens scheme) to improve this event for forthcoming events of the same nature.

Workshops- Possible old fashioned grape stomping wine making with Stephanie’s source of bulk shiraz grapes from the purchase of an old italian property by her neighbour that wants to remove all the grape vines and would be happy knowing they are going to good use, Stephanie to monitor when the grapes will be ready for harvest and use.

Finances- Ruth was absent, but it was unanimous that it’s likely the group’s bank account status is the same but balance depleting so ideas for incoming making was asked for, with suggestions of more collaboration and crossover with the freo food group of Rob’s, items to be made and sold via stalls, charging more for showcase garden tours, being made.

Next Meeting- To be held on the last wednesday of February with the location and host yet to be decided.