October Meeting Minutes

Last Week the crew met for our usual monthly gathering and discussion/planning, below is the minutes noted from the meeting.

Attending: Dave, Annamieka, George, Jodie, Ruth, Tarnya, Jakki, May-Ring, apologies from Don as he was unwell.


Events/social: We went down to stay at Merri Bee Organic Farm and visited Southampton homestead on the weekend just passed for the annual weekend away ‘permies on the run’ trip, and conducted a mini blitz at each location while there, so plans for that was discussed a bit. Also the Showcase Garden Tour which is on this upcoming weekend, and a sold out event, where we will be visiting Fiona, Jodie, Dan, Aidan and Matt’s gardens to see how each one is setup, run and get ideas for our own gardens, and to have a lovely lunch and early pizza dinner of course! Christmas is fast approaching on us and it was decided that a degustation style christmas dinner party(with dishes made from our garden produce where possible) will be held at George’s place in mosman park, with the date yet to be set but most likely in the first half of December before Dave goes away.


Blitzes: recap of Renay’s blitz which was quite successful with the majority of the planned projects being completed but a bit of a hold up with having to wait for some jobs to have others completed before others could get started but there was a bit of an issue with coordination of those as there was to be no extra pressure put on Renay for planning as she had just had to deal with a tragic accident that her partner was in not long before her blitz date, so that was unavoidable. May-Ring’s mini blitz/busy bee had been cancelled due to forecast inclement weather and lack of shelter on her new block where the work was to be done, with a plan to reschedule it for in 2017 as a social/working bee/bonfire gathering to help reduce the fire risks on the block. Besides that in 2017, Dave would like to have a blitz at his place in east freo, Dan a verge blitz in hilton and Jakki a blitz in parmelia are the planned blitzes for next year so far.


Financial: It is on Ruth’s ‘to do’ list to get access back to the group bank account, George confirmed that he was previously given a cheque with which the website hosting fees were paid and are up to date, and there is an amount in petty cash tin for stalls and other miscellaneous expenses. Ruth made the unanimously agreed brilliant suggestion of putting together a freo permies 2018 calendar with the 12 permaculture principles incorporated into the months with planting guides and tips etc, where either members could submit a photo of their gardens with a short blurb about it and committee members would vote on the submissions to choose the best 12 to use, or artsy nude photos of members with strategically placed produce(home grown) for modesty could be used, with the proceeds of the calendars sold being either to the permie group and/or to a chosen agreed charity, and also with the aim of bringing some of the quieter members out of the woodwork and into the limelight a bit. Ruth would donate the cost of printing(which is as yet undetermined), with the aim to be ready to promote and sell for october/november/december 2017 for 2018.

Messages: Martine sent in about the pea straw bales offer made through the facebook group with the offering farmers being overwhelmed with demand so backed off on that. Megan reminded about a suggested planned campover weekend social at her urban farm block in wellard, which is still on the cards with a date to be confirmed.

Others: May-Ring raised an issue from Renay’s blitz about children attending blitzes not being exposed to any chemicals while in attendance after she witnessed a child handling toxic pipe glue on the previous saturday. It was agreed that a safety talk toolbox meeting would be held/given a bit more at the start of each blitz and parents to be made sure more involved and supervising any involvement with use of power tools or risky materials. Pre talk to include warnings and perhaps appoint safety ‘advisors’.

Next Meeting: To be held on wednesday 30th november with location to be announced.