September Meeting Minutes

Last week was our monthly get together to discuss all plans, events and blitzes etc.

Attending-Martine, May-Ring, Fiona, Renay, Cathy, Eddie, Sarah, Don, Dave, Jakki, Annamieka, and new members that joined us Mattia, Lizette, June and Tarnya. Apologies from Jodie as she was unwell.

Events- It’s that time of year again, we are at the end of blitz season and last moments to light a fire for the year. We have a MAMMOTH weekend away lined up for us. This year we will be camping at Merri Bee organic farm in Nannup.

Saturday Southampton

We have organised a mini blitz at Southampton Farm on the Saturday starting at 11am with a lunch.

Sunday Merri Bee

On Sunday we will organising a mini blitz at Merri Bee Farm starting at 9 which will include a tour, lunch and Bee would love to share her knowledge on composting and compost tea with us.

So this looks like a huge weekend of lots of fun, knowledge sharing and fireside stories.

We are looking into booking a bus which will leave freo on Saturday around 7am to head down but there will be cars heading down on the Friday night as well so if you prefer to travel down on the Friday we will have a campfire set up at MerriBee.

WHEN: Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th October 2016.


Merri Bee Organic Farm
6203 Thomas Rd, Nannup WA 6275

Southampton Homestead and Farm
LOT 82 Southampton Rd, Southampton WA 6253


Get Free Tickets

We are using eventbrite to work out how many people need to be catered for. Please take a free ticket for the number of adults that will be attending. This way you can cancel out easily if you’re not coming. Please take a ticket only if you will be attending.


Interested in bus seats or making your own way down? Tell us here:

Blitzes- Fiona recapped on her blitz, which was overall a very successful day with the main projects all completed. There was a bit of a fail with the eventbrite ticketing though as 40 people were ticketed but only 23 attended, so we ask that anyone that signs up for an eventbrite ticket for any event, please kindly cancel their ticket or let the host/organiser know as this will prevent any overcatering wasteage from occurring. May Ring’s busy bee coming up next on october 15th(weather permitting as no undercover areas), then Renay’s on the 22nd october, which will be our last one for this year. Renay’s blitz projects are retic, catering, meat rabbit breeding(possibly, this could be affected by the rabbit virus afflicting rabbits in perth of late), a cage revamp, wormfarm upgrade, and an A frame hothouse/shadehouse.

APC13- APC13 is currently in full swing, with a fantastic kick off on sunday with the free permaculture fest launch day being a huge success and lovely day had by all-Charlie Mgee and Formidable Vegetable Sound System provided some ‘rad-ish’ musical entertainment to wind the day up and the crowd were jigging along, including David Holmgren who was very impressive with his dance moves!

Social- loose discussion of a social gathering to be held at Jakki’s place in Parmelia so that members can see the ongoing produce as a result of her blitz last year, and to catch up, may be good to combine with the pizza/pool party at Megan’s in Wellard suggested at last meeting too. Christmas party discussion has been started too! Showcase gardens tour-looking at november for the long discussed tour of the showcase gardens including visits to Fiona, Jodie, Matt, George, and Aidin’s gardens to view them and see how well they are going and results of successful blitzes.

Other- Just a recap on the eventbrite ticketing with 40 people ticketed but only 23 attended to Fiona’s blitz last month, so we ask that anyone that signs up for an eventbrite ticket for any event, please kindly cancel their ticket or let the host/organiser know as this will prevent any overcatering wasteage from occurring. Also a big reminder to those that haven’t already signed up for membership to please do so! As it helps us to have as many members as we can with them, for insurance purposes with blitzes(covers us for any mishaps, and anyone hosting a blitz MUST be a financial member)-membership forms can be found here-

Next Meeting-this meeting got a little sidetracked in Jodie’s absence with her guiding voice that usually keeps us focused, so next meeting location yet to be announced and confirmed, but will be on wednesday 26th october.