august meeting minutes

So last week our group met for the usual last wednesday of the month discussion and planning.

Attending-Jodie, Olga, Maggie, Jakki, Laura, Andrew, Aidan, Megan, Daniel, Fiona, May Ring, Ruth, a new member Sarah, apologies from Cathy.

Events-Weekend Away to Margaret River to visit Merribee and Southampton, looking at the weekend of 29th & 30th of october, leaving saturday morning and returning sunday after lunch and tour at Merribee farm.

Poultry Processing Day run by Megan on her rural block in wellard, teaching/working day september 18th.

Social-a pizza/pool campover event was suggested to be held in the warmer months at Megan’s also as she has both a pool and woodfired pizza oven on her block, as well as the space for camping. Date yet to set.

Blitzes- Jodie recapped on her food is free blitz, her cobb oven was still to have the second layer of cobb put on friday arvo after a very successful day on saturday the 27th.

Fiona’s blitz set for September 25th(which is a sunday due to Fiona’s parents arriving the day before and wanting to get involved) with the agenda: prune olive tree to open up and make path, apple tree guilds, sunken grass area at the sideto be turned into an area where vegetables can be grown, wicking beds or aquaponics, myer myer(which is an aboriginal hut) to be built out the front, revamp composting, edible natives being put out the front, and possibly a mini Cobb oven out the front to promote community-there will be a team leaders’ lunch the week before on the 17th.

Renay’s-final blitz for the year will be held at Renay’s new place in armadale on 22nd October, in conjunction with the new Armadale and surrounding areas permies crew that Renay has established.

Jakki is pencilled in to possibly be the first blitz of next year once the hot weather has passed, with sheet mulching to replace the lawn for sweet potato ground cover and verge food is free project being the desired goals.

May Ring Busy bee on the 15th October to help May Ring prepare her block for building, with fire breaks to be cleared and permaculture designing of her new place to be built.


Finances- Stand very much the same as previously, with no money in or out and Ruth to regain access to the group account.


APC13– Permaculture Fest is on the 2nd October, they have not gotten back to Fiona regarding our holding of a stall so it was suggested that we just ‘rock up’ on the day and set up.


Other- Cathy sent in an absentee suggestion about joining the garage sale trail on October 22nd, but as that is a date set for a blitz, that suggestion had to be declined. Social/Market stall put off for now due to not enough contribution, and south freo high school undergoing major renovations, also incliment weather in the past few months.


Rons(Rons is an abbreviation of ‘Later Ons)- A later on collection storage has been piling up at Megan’s with items collected from kerbside pickups etc for use in future blitzes and whatnot. It was suggested that a ‘wanted’ document be compiled in the facebook group for reference to items group members are wanting or needing for projects that others may collect for them should they come across anything on the list, to be held for when the use is needed. ie Jodie needs aluminium 1×2 inch tubing for her caravan roofing and Fiona wants wooden window frames.


Next Meeting- to be held on wednesday 28th September at Jodie’s.