Shipwrights Cottage Permablitz – 25 September 2016

IMG_0280The next Freo Permies permablitz is at Shipwrights Cottage. Come and hang out with an amazing permie crew.

At this blitz we will be doing a range of tasks including – wicking beds, mini glass house using upcycled materials, cob rocket stove and a cold smoker, revamping vege beds and planting spring seeds and seedlings, and planting out the native garden with native edibles.

All are welcome.

PLEASE book a ticket if you are coming so that we know how much food to prepare. If you have a special dietry requirement please let us know well in advance.

The full permablitz wishlist jobs so far are:
1. Nyoongar food forest
2. Mia Mia (Noongar bush hut)
3. Fire pit and rocket stove planning
4. Side garden espalier fruit trees
5. Sunken garden edible make over (espalier fruit trees, brambles, dye garden, guilds)
6. Mini glass hothouse
7. Rabbit colony enclosure and hutches
8. Rabbit garden
9. beehive home
10. Cold smokehouse
11. Apple tree planting
12. Mulching and plant tidy, potted plant revamps