July Meeting Minutes

Last week it had come to that time of month again for the meeting of like minds to gather and discuss blitzes, upcoming events and workshops, and share good food of course! For the July meeting, present were: Francois, Alice, Ruth, Craig, Don, Elizabeth, May-Ring, Jodie, Cathy, Aidan(who hosted), Jakki and a couple of new members Olga and Edlana.

Discussed topics:

Blitzes- Elizabeth recapped us on how her rescheduled blitz had gone, discussed how it’s a good idea to have team leaders meeting just before blitz to get the leaders filled in and up to scratch on the project plans before the day, and how it was best not to reschedule the date once set and members invited.

Aidan covered plans for his blitz that was the saturday following the meeting, the projects being chook house, pond, food garden edging, wicking beds, and the extra tools needed for the job. He also offered communal use of his acquired trailer to the group.

Jodie confirmed her blitz for saturday august 27th with projects planned being cob pizza oven, balinese hut style roofing over alfresco area, a verge food is free garden project and possibly irrigation.

Fiona blitz planned for september but as Fiona was absent due to a work placement in the pilbara so exact date still to be confirmed.


Workshops- A Pallet workshop in conjunction with the mens shed freo is still in the works, Don has discussed it with the people at the mens shed who he is associated with, and as they are currently in the process of relocating, this one will have to wait until after they have finished that, but there is open scope to work with the freo permies after their move, possibly october.


Permaculturewest Membership-freo permies members are reminded that permaculturewest memberships expired at the end of June and please renew your membership if you haven’t already done so, or even join up as it benefits everyone the more covered members we have. Aidan noted that he was to notify Permaculturewest of his blitz so that it would be covered for insurance purposes.


Events- Showcase garden tour the plans for a tour to have a group visiting of the showcase gardens in october were discussed.

APC13 Possibility of having a freo permies stall at APC13 was again discussed with Fiona, May Ring, George and Don the most likely candidates to be involved for that.


Social- There is still plans of a hungi get together in the works, perhaps to be held on May Ring’s empty beaconsfield block with the date for that still open. After Jodie’s blitz and having her cob pizza oven built, there will likely be a woodfired pizza night at her house to test the new oven.


Networking- Freo permies connecting with Renee McKie’s new group the Armadale and surrounding areas permies, with their first blitz planned for the 28th august and freo permies members encouraged to attend and connect/share with the new permie group members.


Finances- Ruth covered that she needs to renew access to the group’s bank account, the amount in the account and the approximate smaller amount in a tin held for stalls and the like.


Other Matters- The topic of food during meetings was raised and if we wanted to start the meeting later for some members to eat before arrival, but it was agreed that it should stay as is in order to keep from it getting too late before the meetings wind up and also as it is nice sharing food and a little social chitchat around the food.


Next Meeting- Next meeting will be wednesday 31st August, probably at Fiona’s, with a team leader’s meeting shortly before that for Jodie’s blitz.