June Meeting Minutes

This Month’s meeting was held at Cathy’s in south freo, in attendance were: Jodie Vennetti, Fiona Hook, Craig Silver, Renee McKie, George Bray, May-Ring Chen, Ruth Alberts, Jakki Dodds, Cathy Hall, and new members David Lamb Don Hunter, Dan Fuller, Laura Machny, and Andrew Delaney who were welcomed to the group.


APC– Renee updated us on this year’s Australasian Permaculture Convergence to be held in the swan valley in october the 3rd til the 5th(which only PDC graduates may attend) and will be preceded by the free event Permaculture fest(which is open to everyone interested to attend), APC13 will cost $500 for those PDC graduates wishing to attend(not including accommodation and excursions), tickets may be purchased from APC13.org website and the early bird ticket pricing has been extended until the end of July. There is a payment plan offered for those needing it to cover the cost. The Freo Permies will be holding a display stall at the APC as a part of the Permaculturewest stand.

Blitzes- Elizabeth’s blitz although rescheduled to a day later due to a rainy weather forecast, was still quite productive thanks to Jodie, Fiona, Craig (and Craig’s friend) a few others and also some of Elizabeth’s family that came along to help out-the rain had pretty much subsided by about 10am and her ponds were built, some banana trees planted and other jobs here and there, but the major construction projects(mainly the african keyhole garden beds) had to be dropped as there were many less attendees as a result of the date change at short notice. It was decided as an outcome of this result that future blitzes should not be rescheduled regardless of weather and will go ahead rain hail or shine, and it is quite likely that an african keyhole garden workshop will be run for Elizabeth to help her complete these planned beds.

Due to new members asking what the requirements were to hold a blitz of their own, it was covered what needs to be done in order for a blitz to be held, these points were:

Attend 3 blitzes beforehand

Be actively involved in the group

Act as a team leader at a blitz

Help out with the blitz preceding and following your own blitz

Be a financially current permaculturewest member.

Aidan’s Blitz-Aidan is currently in hawaii so was unable to attend this month’s meeting, his blitz will be on the 30th July at his house in beaconsfield though, with the next monthly meeting to be held there also on wednesday the 27th.

Jodie’s Blitz-Jodie would like to hold a blitz in august and build a cob oven.

Fiona’s Blitz-Fiona would like to have a mini blitz in september, in order to turn her grass patches into garden beds and build inground rabbit hutches to house meat rabbits that she plans to breed, and also a mini cob oven out the front to use to engage with neighbours more.


Events/Workshops-The social swap shuffle share event at growers green market was quite a nice gathering, and will continue to be held monthly on the second sunday of the month, as a social meeting of likeminded people wishing to participate in a swap shuffle share and browse the markets also.

Pallet Workshop-We discussed holding a workshop where people would bring their own reclaimed pallets to upcycle into more useable items for themselves, possibly getting the fremantle men’s shed involved to help with the skills. Jodie & Fiona will discuss with the men’s shed.

Pruning Workshop-We are still wanting to host a fruit tree pruning workshop with Peter Coppin, however he has reportedly had a difficult year and been somewhat hard to lock in a date with, so it has had to be pushed back, This would be a circular moving workshop between a few properties and there is the possibility of a grant from permaculturewest to help cover the cost of hiring Peter for this.

Trip Away-As previous trips away to visit permaculture farms and the like to learn from people successfully using permaculture on a large scale have been successful, we’d like to plan another one for this year, George is going to discuss with Merribee farm about the possibility of them hosting us to stay there for a weekend.

Hungi-The idea of holding a hungi as a social event was suggested to a very receptive crowd, and Fiona is going to discuss with a friend of hers that is experienced in the correct building and cooking of hungis about planning to have one, so stay tuned for news on that.

Native Verge Blitz/Workshop-As the use of natives is becoming increasingly more popular, it was suggested that perhaps hold some workshops teaching people how best to implement them in the use of verge gardens, which George may instruct.


Other Business-Renee has recently moved and settled into Armadale, and has started up a new permaculture group for armadale and the surrounding areas, which has taken off quickly and aims to help teach people about all things permaculture, and not just gardening. They will work in some conjunction with the freo permies that she is an active member of, helping to promote each other and sharing knowledge. The facebook group for those interested in joining can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/586051754906042/.


Next Meeting-Just to reiterate, the next monthly meeting will be held at Aidan’s house in beaconsfield on wednesday 27th at 6.30pm.