April Meeting Minutes

On Wednesday night the members met at Dan’s place to discuss the coming workshops, blitzes and activities. Attendees were Dan, Jodie, Renay, Fiona, Jakki, May Ring, Annika, Ruth and new member Adee. Apologies from Elizabeth(it was her birthday and she was having a family dinner), Aidan and George.

Renay told us how lovely her intro to permaculture workshop she facilitated in Lombok was, it went well and a restaurant garden was built. She was also nominated to join/share the role of social secretary with Fiona, as she was away for the AGM. She updated us on this year’s APC to be held in october and will keep us updated.

Workshops-Jodie is still waiting to hear back from Peter Coppin regarding confirming date for fruit tree pruning workshop, she will try contacting him via email to hopefully get a response to lock this in. The Mushroom workshop has been a sellout and Aaron Boyer had asked if it would be ok for him to take the excess people interested in doing it to have a seperate one of his own and it was decided that we would be happy for that to go ahead. There is still interest in holding a beer making workshop with Eddie, but we would like to have a more low tech version of this process so we will see if Eddie can do that for us.It was discussed the difference between workshops and blitzes and defining these more for future ones with clearer outcomes and plans. There is interest in a beekeeping workshop being run and Fiona will discuss with Ewan the possibility of him speaking at one as he has some experience with the skill.


Decision Making-The decision making process had been raised and it was decided that it is needed for anything to be discussed and agreed upon either at a meeting or via a quorom in the messenger group before any official decisions can be made for the group.


Blitzes- George’s wicking bed mini blitz/workshop was fairly successful with one large bed being completed and all having a good day. The next blitz is to be Matt’s on the 28th May, followed by Aidan’s on the 25th June. July will be a month off from blitzes.


Market-the stall at South Freo primary school will have it’s first trial run on mother’s day, the 8th May, and Fiona will ask Sparkles about the use of her marquee to hold the stall in, this will be a cashless stall with more a display of what we do, swap shuffle share and something of a social gathering also.

Potluck Dinners-we discussed interest in holding a bi-monthly potluck dinner for members as a social gathering and Renay, Jodie and Fiona are going to organise this.


Buyer’s group-there was discussion about forming a buyer’s group for bulk purchases of local and organic goods and produce, Jodie Fiona and Renay to discuss and further this action.

Other business-There was an email received from the fremantle council asking if we would like to nominate for the annual business awards, as we are not actually a business this is not something we will pursue but it was decided that we could generate interest in the group by getting involved in sustainability fairs between fremantle and kwinana, Renay will approach and manage the freo area councils ones and Jakki will connect with any to be held in the kwinana area. New member Adee mentioned a vacant block in hamilton hill that is very close to him and his interest in starting up a community garden on it, if he attends 3 of our blitzes we could help him with blitzing the block and gave him some advice on the establishment of this.

Next meeting to be held on 25th May.