March meeting/AGM Minutes

Present: Matt, Jodie, George, Dan, Fiona, Robert, May-Ring, Jakki, Elizabeth, Aidan and a couple of new members that we were happy to meet and welcome to the group, Amy and Benam.

The new board members were allocated and are as follows: Convenor- Jodie

Social Secretary- Jodie/Fiona

Blitz Co-ordinator- Dan

IT Wizz- George

Treasurer- Ruth

Secretary- Jakki

Committee members- May-Ring/Aidan/Amy

We enjoyed Matt’s barramundi grown in his aquaponics setup cooked by him on the bbq, as well as some other bits and pieces bought by others to share, including George’s famous homecooked banana cake, while we discussed such things as the upcoming blitzes, which are to be on the following dates:

George’s Wicking Bed Mini Blitz on the 16th of April 9.00-15.00 in mosman park, limited spots available so get in quick to reserve a spot if you wish to be involved- and eventbrite tix at

Matt’s blitz- 28th May(to suit his return from the uk and the moon cycle)

Aidan’s blitz- 25th June.


May-Ring updated us on the International Permaculture Day planning,  and it was unanimously decided that there was no ongoing interest in the seed saving collection box as it seems each individual has their own collection and just puts a callout to the the collective group when in need of a particular seed, so the seed saving collection has been left by the wayside. We talked about the oppurtunity to have a stall at the Growers Green market at South Fremantle Primary and it was decided that we would have a trial run day on the 24th April. Dan’s garden was added to the list of showcase gardens and Jodie informed us that she had discussed it with Sparkles who had decided she was not interested in being on that list.


Other events to mark on the calendar are the Flowhive and Beekeeping Field Day on the 10th April at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre from 10.00-16.00

The International Permaculture Day Mega Meet up on 30th April from 9.00-13.00


The All About Mushrooms learning to grow your own mushrooms day workshop was decided to be held on the 14th May from 10.00-15.00 at Womble Inn-



The Edible Weeds Walk run by Odd Fodder on the 9th July at 10.00 onwards-


The next meeting will be held on wednesday the 27th april at Dan’s house in Hilton.