November Meeting Minutes


Matt, Marvin, Jakki, Taryn, Jodie, May-Ring, Elaine, Fiona (by phone)

Apologies from Cathy, Daniel, Renay


Taryn Hayes from Horizons childcare gave us a great overview of the vision for a food garden at the centre. They want to involve other community groups but need advice on preparing the space as a permaculture garden.  We agreed to set a date in December on which to meet at the site and discuss what needs doing. We’ll invite anyone who might like to come and see how a permy design is started in a new space. While Freo Permies won’t be organising the “blitz” days, anyone interested is welcome to get involved.

We talked about the opportunity to run a stall one week at the Growers Green markets. While there isn’t really a need for our group to make money, running the stall could also be a nice social time.

Fiona will look into the best day that might work, and whether the greenhouse at the school can be fired up again.  If someone wanted to put the effort in to raise the seedlings there, they could split the revenue with Freo Permies.

Other ideas for the stall included craft demonstrations, selling/swapping produce, seed bank.

We resolved to see how it goes doing it once on a Sunday in the future, and see how that goes.

Matt showed off how good his smoked fish is.

We identified the need to move the monthly meeting from Tuesdays, and resolved that there would be no meeting in December (though we will all catch up at the Xmas party on December 12th).