Birthday Blitz and next meeting

It's all go

Hello all!

If you coudn’t make it to the blitz, you can now view some of the action shots and the before and after photos in the gallery.  It was an amazing day with over 30 people coming to get involved and make magic in the garden. We installed a natural greywater system and wicking bed, a 5 stage chook dome rotation garden and happily housed houdini, with an amazing impromtued chicken wing clipping workshop by the wonderful Ethel. We love you Ethel!

The next meeting is going to be again on Snook Crescent on Tuesday the 26th of June at 6:30pm for some food sharing and 7pm meeting start. We will be discussing the new seed bank location and it’s needs, the Freo cenral food forest, the next blitz and a whole lot more… everthing you have to offer is valueable so please feel invited to participate.

Big love to you all and hope to see you all before or at the next blitz!